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Seishin Kai/National Karate Jiu-Jitsu Union

The Beginning

Richard P. Baillargeon was in the U.S. Air Force and spent about eight years in Japan. (1954 -1962).  While stationed at Johnson Airbase in Japan, Mr. Baillargeon trained with Kyoshin Kayo, a member of the Seishin Kai Karate Union (SSKU). It was during this same time that Mr. Baillargeon met Shogo Kuniba.  Because of Shogo Kuniba's age at the time, the Kaicho/President was Teruo Hayashi. Just prior to Mr. Baillargeon's new assignment at Moody Field Air Base in Valdosta, Georgia, he was appointed to serve as the U.S. representative for the Seishin Kai. It was here that Baillargeon established the USA Hombu Office. His first dojo was one-half mile from the front gate of Moody Field. "See a picture on this Website. It is now a Masonic Lodge." 

After ten years of dedication to the SSKU, Shogo Kuniba and Mr. B parted ways. In November 1974, Mr. B formed his own organization, and this was called the. National Karate Jiu-Jitsu Union (NKJU).  In July 1986, there was a reconciliation between Mr. B and Shogo Kuniba. At this same time, Soke Kuniba awarded Mr. B the rank of 8th Dan in Motobu- ha Shito-ryu Karate-do.

After the passing of Sensei Richard P. Baillargeon in February 1989, NKJU fell apart.  Some tried to keep it running but failed because they had little knowledge of Mr. B's ideas and goals for NKJU. I was one of Sensei B's closest friend and most senior student from 1973 to mid-1987 in Valdosta, Georgia. I trained four to five days a week under his direct supervision and received my Yondan in September 1987. Several years later, I was contacted by several top karatekas that since I had more knowledge of the goals Mr. B wanted for NKJU, that I should be the one to revive NKJU. With their blessing and help, that is what I decided to do. After confirming that an NKJUI/ LLC had been formed in the early 1990s, and in 1999 it had been dissolved. This action created a break in Interstate Commerce. I then applied for and was awarded the trademark for NKJU and NKJUI. “Both documents are posted on this site." Only by doing this could I ensure that others could not "claim rights to an organization or a legacy they knew little or nothing about."

The Goals of NKJU and NKJUI

As Kaicho, it is my duty and responsibility to build off the knowledge that Sensei Baillargeon gave me. After Mr. B's passing in 1989, I continued my training under Soshi Hugh Kelley Kaicho of the (UMAAI) United Martial Arts Association International and Kaicho Butch Velez of the (AGK) American Goshin-Budo & Kobudo.  Both of these gentlemen trained under Soke Shogo Kuniba for many years.

NKJU will be about bringing many martial arts styles under one umbrella. By doing this, we can see the differences between other styles and share the knowledge each possesses. No one style is the best; they all have their weaknesses and strengths. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of other styles can only make your current style stronger.

By receiving legitimate ranks, titles, and appointments under NKJU and by way of UMAAI, whose heritage is second to none, can we bring back martial arts to where it meant something to say, "I am a Martial Artist."


Legitimacy: "Is defined as the ability to be defined with logic or justification; validity." NKJU/NKJUI and UMAAI offer those who seek the traditional values of the Martial Arts through its legacy of Shito-ryu from Kenwa Mabuni. It is noteworthy that Shito-ryu is one of the four major Karate styles in Japan.   

Suppose you are an instructor or affiliated with an organization and have learned that your organization was not all it claimed to be. Whose lineage can't be traced back to its predecessor, or the school has lost its way and has become watered down and you have realized your ranks and titles may be as worthless as toilet paper. Joining NKJU does not mean you have to start over; any training is better than no training. Training of any sort should be done by legitimate instructors whose credentials are, without question. As Kaicho of the NKJU/NKJUI, my training, titles, and ranks are legitimate and verifiable. They are open for scrutiny and can be traced back from my instructor to their instructor and back to Soke Shogo Kuniba of the Motobu-ha Shito- ryu Karate-do.   


As Kaicho of NKJU/NKJUI, there will be no politics or drama in this organization. Ranks and titles will be issued only through hard work, loyalty, and those whose integrity and morals are second to none. In other words, your ranks and titles will be ranks and titles that you can be proud of because they were earned, NOT bought. On the other hand, if you are just looking for rank and titles, I can give you a list of Mc-Dojo's and Faux-jos that will provide you with whatever you want for a price. 

If you're looking to be a Legitimate Martial Artist following traditional martial arts values and who can back up what you say by knowledge and ability, then NKJU/NKJUI could be just your thing.  This is not a sales pitch, just a fact. There are only two types of Martial artists in the world. Those who can and those who think they can. Which one do you want to be?

If you're interested in joining NKJU/NKJUI, You can contact me by email, and I will respond in less than eight hours.


"The true man, having established his character, seeks to establish the character of others; and having succeeded, seeks to make others succeed." These are the goals of NKJU/NKJUI; to bring together those who want to succeed.  What have you got to lose by contacting me and hearing me out?

Roy D.Davis III,  Kaicho


Foot Note: SEE BUTCH VELEZ SEPT 2021 TRIBUTE:On this site section of downloads.

On September 30th, 2020, I lost my Masonic Brother and longtime teacher, Kaicho Butch Velez III, to Pneumonia complicated by COVID19. Kaicho Velez, with the collaboration of Soke  Shogo Kuniba created the AGK. “American Gohin- Budo & Kobudo.” Let there be no dought.  NKJU will keep alive the teaching values of AGK by way of Fuku-Kaicho John Slager and the knowledge I obtained through my years of training under Kaicho Velez.  

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