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The Answers You Need

Is NKJU® National Karate Jiu Jitsu Union trademarked?

Yes, Trademark Serial Number is 87-041,212. USPTO

Is NKJUI national Karate jiu Jitsu Union International Trademarked?

Yes, Trademark Serial Number is 88-489,071 USPTO

Does your existing organization have quality leadership?

Kaicho of NKJU® National Karate Jiu Jitsu has over 46 years in the Martial Arts, Specifically in Motobu-Ha Shito-Ryu, at the beginning of his martial arts training. After the passing of his sensei Richard P. Baillargeon and the death of Shogo Kuniba he switched to the Kokuba Shin Ha Nippon Karate-Do (In the Spirit of Kokuba Japan Empty Hands Way). He is also a member of the   UMAAI (United Martial Arts Association International) and a member of the IKMA (International Karate Masters Association). Associate membership and Dan Board Member of AGK (American Goshin Budo and Kobudo). 

Does your existing organization provide legitimate certifications?

  • NKJU® provides each member dojo a school charter.

  • NKJU® issues Menjo and Kyu rank certificates that are certified and legitimate.

  • NKJU® issues judging certificates that are certified and legitimate.

  • NKJU® issues state-appointed representative certificates.

Does your existing organization provide quality Martial Arts Instruction?

  • NKJU® will be hosting clinics, as well as attending your local dojo and tournaments on request.

  • NKJU® instructors have a very wide area of knowledge and skills from  Kata, Kubodo, Bunkai, Jiu jitsu, handbo and kumite.

  • NKJU® Offers tournament training in all of the above mentioned area of the martial arts, as well as emphasizing the difference between sports karate and the martial arts.

  • NKJU® offers instruction in the correct use of Kihon-waza.  As it relates to the mechanical and the anatomical aspects of the Martial Arts.

Does your existing organization provide up to date information?

NKJU® will have a legitimate state appointed officials that will be able to help your school to communicate any problems in their state to the Hombu Office.  Yet all members will have direct access to the Kaicho of NKJU®

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