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Karate Belt

Set Your Goals

At NKJU® National Karate Jiu-Jitsu Union, we believe learning never stops. Our Waza Kihon are taught in their original way. "If it is not broken then why fix it".  We offer training in Kata and its Bunkai, Jiu-Jitsu, Kobudo, Kumite, and Tameshiwari.

Our Kobudo program trains you not only to use but to defend against the Bo, Kama, Sai, Katana, Hanbo, and modern weapons such as guns, sticks, and knives.

The NKJU Kobudo program teaches the traditional Kata format for the weapons mentioned above. Some schools teach Bunkai for open hand Kata, but what they fail to understand there is Bunkai for weapons as well. Many learn the moves of a weapon to compete in tournaments for trophies but do not understand how the techniques actually work. The NKJU Kobudo program teaches you how to use the weapon in a contact situation. “Example”  Bo vs Bo, Bo vs Kama, Sai, and weapons vs openhand. As part of our training, NKJU has incorporated the Filipino art of Kali/ Silat and have found this to be a deadly combination when combined with our karate program.          

Kobudo and Jiu-Jitsu

Mission & Values

Kaicho of the NKJU® and NKJUI®, I intend to build off the strong foundation that my Sensei Richard Baillargeon gave me. Those that were members of the original NKJU knew there where no separate menjo’s for Kobudo, Jiu-Jitsu, and certificate of titles. It was the assumption that if you received a menjo from NKJU you were of the same rank in both Jiu-jitsu and Kobudo. That was no fault of those who were part of NKJU under Mr. B. It was never considered an issue until I brought up the question to Mr. B.

Back in the mid 80’s  Mr. B and I discussed the possibility to remedy this. We both agreed that a person could be knowledgeable in karate but not in Jiu-jitsu or Kobudo, for these are separate forms of martial arts and to be taught as separate entities and ranked accordingly.

Mr. B seemed to be very perceptive to this idea, but it was in this same period the 80’s that NKJU begins to fall apart in more ways than one, including health issues.

As Kaicho I want to eliminate any doubt or assumptions that members of NKJU® may have about their rank in Jiu-jitsu and or Kobudo. I will be issuing separate menjo’s for both Jiu-jitsu and Kobudo. These ranks will go no higher than Godan 5th Dan and will not be easily obtained since both Jiu-jitsu and Kobudo will be interrelated.  

NKJU® will be introducing new and refined concepts based on Mr. B’s teachings. I will be implementing principles that have been overlooked for years by many in the karate circle. My clinics and my instructions will not follow the formats used by so many others. I find most are not practical or informative. Many clinics are comprised of charlatans and those who have become complacent over the years. Their techniques are poorly executed due to their lack of knowledge of their kihon/waza.  I intend to approach my teaching in a systematic order and show how techniques should be modified based on the attacker. “No one technique will work exactly the same on every person,” the principles and fundamentals remain the same.

It is my intention to make NKJU® /NKJUI® an organization that many will attempt to emulate and to bring back the respect that it once had. No paper ranks, politics, ego, or narcissism will be tolerated. I seek instructors who have trained in a legitimate style who will work with me, not under me, and instructors who have a high sense of morality and integrity.

So if you want to be part of an organization that wants to bring back the martial arts as it was intended to be by the great masters who preceded us. “ I urge you to contact me.” Remember, It’s never too late to do what is right. It only takes dedication, loyalty, motivation, and the desire to excel with humility.  

Kaicho Roy Davis

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