DAN Board

Leadership begins with Experience

Kaicho Roy Davis III

Roy D. Davis III, senior student of Richard P. Baillargeon, founder of NKJU, and trained directly under him for many years.

Dr. Rupert Dyre

Rupert Dyre "MD"  began his training with Kaicho in 2007. Doc's strong point is the ability to think out of the box. He looks at techniques in a mechanical and anatomical aspect which most karataka is unable to do. Having this ability allows him to know what works and what does not.

Brandon Barnes

Started his martial arts training over 6 year ago under Sensei Davis. Brandon is an extremely fast learner and is known for his ability to learn and train Kata.

Trey Gilmore

Devoted Husband and Father of 2 daughters he started his full time Martial Arts Training over 5 year ago under Sensi Davis. Trey enjoys teaching our new students. He believes that not only that techniques are important but to understand "why" the technique is important.

Jay Bainter

Jay Bainter began his training at the age of 16.  He is Kaicho's oldest student and was one to be reckoned with at tournaments. Jay was very quick in picking up kata and kubodo weapons and is very knowledgable in the technical aspects of Kihon/Waza


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